Recharge or Upgrade NOW! A Rut Busting Conference Call for Leaders



Is this what I should be doing? Should I stay or should I go? Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Don’t be mad about it. ┬áDon’t be sad or depressed about it. Just BE ABOUT IT and do what you gotta do. Some of you may be saying, peace, be still. If you are not at peace, then you probably should not be still….MOVE!

This is not a crying, whining, conference call. We are too smart and too strong to come together to weaken our power by uniting to sulk in sorrow. Give thanks for where you are, give thanks for what you have, and recharge your battery to lead, OR recognize that maybe God wants to use you somewhere else.

The fact that you have been leading, the fact that you want to continue leading says that you are a very valuable and powerful leader whose talents are needed….everywhere.

Eventbrite - Recharge or Upgrade NOW! A Rut-Busting Conference Call

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