The Professional Leaders of Women and Girls is a program of Afro Puffs and Ponytails, Inc.  It was created to encourage, support, unite, and provide professional development for leaders of non-profit organizations that are seeking to encourage the participation of African American/Black girls. However, our mission is to help ALL women and girls.

Business members  are also an important part of the program.  Together, business members and leaders systematically and strategically set up workshops, develop relevant programs, create positive customized products, author books, and publish magazines.

The PLWG has an online network that serves as a forum for leaders to exchange and share ideas with each other.  Business members collaborate with the leaders, providing support through donations and services to the various organizations all across the United States.

In short, the P.L.W.G. is an active organization of leaders and business members working towards a common purpose; To empower women and girls.